Power And Lightning Equipment For A Variety Of Uses

Lighting equipment is absolutely necessary in most construction sites and other sites where there is less natural light or other conditions prevail. Although building regulation prevent the construction activities to continue during the night in many residential areas, this is not the case for construction projects outside residential areas. These sites, such as the ones where bridges or other heavy infrastructure is being built, continue to operate throughout the day and into the night as well. In most cases, these construction sites are active for 24 hours a day where constant work is being done. This means that there is definitely a need for prolite LED 2400 and other artificial sources of light. Like most other sources of artificial light, these lights rely on electricity to operate. With the added problem of most of these construction sites being away from the city centre, in some cases, being in deserted areas, the use of electricity from the electricity grid is not an option; or if it is, it may not be economically viable.

Green and Efficient Lighting Products

At Promac International, we recognise this need of providing artificial light in areas where it is needed. Our high-quality lighting towers provide an ample amount of light throughout the construction site and ensure that work carries on no matter what time of the day it is. We recognise the need for greener technologies and try and incorporate this philosophy while designing our products. All our products are extremely efficient and make sure that you get the most amount of usable light while consuming the least amount of energy. This means that the cost of running these artificial sources of light would be much lesser than their inefficient counterparts. Moreover, while using these, you can also have a clean conscience that you are doing your part to make the world a greener place by using products which are more efficient and hence use less energy which ultimately means less fossil fuels are wasted.

Promac International also manufactures and sells portable generators. Due to the nature of some construction sites power cannot be drawn from the local electricity grid. This is either because the site is in a remote area or because the site is in a place where connections cannot be made to the local electricity grid, such as inside caves. In such cases, a portable generator can be sued which can be moved into position using vehicles and power cables can be attached to it to power equipment such as power tools and other lighting equipment.

All in all, if you need quality lighting equipment which is extremely efficient and does a good job at lighting the construction site, then Promac International should be your first choice. With highly efficient designs and high-quality products, you can be certain that these products will perform as expected and will not malfunction when they are needed the most!