How To Adjoin Two Pipes Effectively?


is a method to combine two plastic pipes with a special fitting.As you all know that, fusion means joining of two or more individual things. If the pipes or fittings are fused with each other by applying a certain amount of electric current, then it is called electro fusion. The electro fusion uses a special fitting to stay in between the two pipes that are about to be welded. The pipes, with the special fitting at the center, will be welded with the assistance of the electro fusion welding machine. Some amount of electric current will be applied to the fittings by the electro fusion welding machine. The machine controls the amount of amps, voltage and welding time given to the fittings. In order to fit it perfectly and effectively, the electro fusion method is used. One cannot perform the electro fusion welding just like that. The welder that is about to carry this electro fusion welding has to be trained. Also, the welders and welding companies have certain standards. As a customer, you need to consider all these things to choose the best electro fusion welding company and welder for you. People choose electro fusion welding for joining different types of fittings. You have to explain to the company why you want to do electro fusion welding for your needs, so that; the company will do it according to your needs. 

Benefits of using the electro fusion welding method

  • If you do not know anything about the electrofusion process and its benefits, you have to continue reading the article further.
  • First of all, the electro fusion welding is long lasting, reliable and secured. When it comes to fitting any two pipes with a fusion method, you want that fused object to stay safe and effective for a long time. If that is the case with you, you can use, the electro fusion welding.
  • No matter, either you want to weld the small pipes or big pipes, but you can use the electro fusion welding method. The welded pipes can maintain the same flow quantity as like the original pipes.
  • The electro fusion welding method is ideal to do welding even in difficult conditions. Of course, welding is not that easy to do, but the electro fusion welding machine makes the welding process hassle-free.
  • The automatic electro fusion welding machines are available, which lessens the mistakes and failures that are made when welding. This gives you the complete flexibility of using the electro fusion welding machine.


  • Do not have to move the pipes during electro fusion welding.
    You can use the quality buttweld fittings to experience no leaks.

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